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Alongside the established hearing aid industry and the availability of still more advanced hearing aid products, recent years' political and technological development have paved the way for new technologies in the market-place.

Advanced hearables and wireless hearing devices now offer an alternative for millions of people, who are not yet prepared for a conventional hearing aids, and who may not need day-long amplification.

Global Audiology Consulting offers sparring and strategic advise to Start-ups and enterprises in the hearing aid-, hearables and wearables domain to ensure high quality, credible and competitive products. 

  • Strategic collaboration with other Start-ups and Industry partners
  • Collaboration with leading Governmental bodies
  • Collaboration with leading universities and test centres

Global Audiology Consulting

Global Audiology Consulting is working with leading manufacturers of Hearing Diagnostics Equipment, with manufacturers of advanced wireless smart-buds and with start-ups in the audio- and hearing related domain. Global Audiology is also collaborating with selected equity partners and with professional organisations in the audiology space, as well as collaborating with management and entrepreneurs at Sound Hub Denmark, a world-class sound and acoustics growth hub for startups, SME’s and corporates.


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Global Audiology Consulting

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